The Family Table.

A creative agency, rooted in family values.
We tell better stories.


Stories traverse the every day realities of life and connect us with the fundamentals of being human. In a content saturated world, good storytelling has never been more important. At The Family Table we tell better stories.

We believe that the best creatvitiy comes through collaboration. Blending together the right passions and skills to create something unique and perfectly suited to it's task.

That's why we started The Family Table. A creative agency that tells better stories and collaborates with like minded creatives to produce excellence. Whether it's through film, music, photography, writing or design - we connect the right story with your audience.

As true creatives too, we have ambitions of our own. We want to produce films that tell the stories that matter and give a platform to songwriters and creatives to produce and release their own material.

We're based in Norwich, United Kingdom. A city heaped in it's creative roots, sprawling with streets of intrigue and located near to the famous Norfolk Broads.


Stories, films, songs.
Hot off the family table.

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Meet Our Creatives.

We are a creative agency of talented individuals
who come together to produce excellence.

Ben Lawrence.

Director of film. Co-founder.

Ben is passionate about telling great stories through film and music. He has skills in screenwriting, directing, editing and music production.

Ben has been a film experimenter since his teenage years, making films on dv tape with friends and writing stories inspired by the situations they got themselves in. He also spent time as lead singer and songwriter for a band and now writes solo material.

"I have always loved how films can transport you, move you and uniquely teach you things that, perhaps, you didn’t even know you needed to learn."

Sarah Ballard.

Director of music. Co-founder.

Sarah is a multi-instrumentalist with a wide range of musical experiences. She loves using music to communicate and enhance each individual story, drawing the best work out of the artists she works with.

Her skills include film and music production, music composition and song-writing. She also organises everyone in the team and bakes pretty tasty cakes.

"I love music, for the way it enables us to express our thoughts and feelings without conversation and for the way that it reaches across barriers, opens opportunities and brings people together."

Creatives We Work With.

We love bringing together creatives from all walks of life and meeting around the family table. Here's our current roster of handpicked talent.

Luke Bryant.

Photographer, Filmmaker.

Luke has a degree in film and moving image production from the Norwich University of the Arts.

Luke's passion is evident in his love of portraiture and documentary filmmaking. He brings a unique voice to each project, focussing on honest and whole hearted story telling.

Watch this space. We're growing.

As we continue to grow, we will be drawing more like minded creatives to join us; expanding into design, illustration and other creative specialities. Our ambition is to have a full roster of creatives, each specialising in individual areas but also collaborating together on larger projects; bringing unique expertise to everything we create.

Be a creative.

Are you a creative with a passion for excellence and collaboration? We're always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our roster. Think that might be you? Shoot us an email with your portfolio and let's chat.


We see creativity as a collaborative process; bringing the right skills and team together to tell your story in the best possible way.


Whether narrative or documentary, music video or product promotion, we work alongside our clients to create the best communication of their story. We generate a complete bespoke package for each project from screen-writing to directing, filming, editing, soundtrack writing and recording. We produce in-house short films, feature films and work with other creatives to bring stories to life.


We write and produce a range of music in all genres using our in-house recording studio. We work with a team of talented musicians to create tracks suitable for each project we undertake. Each project needs its own distinct tone and feel; we use music to make your project unique.

Our record label provides a platform for authentic roots artists to share their stories through music. We provide a complete writing experience for each artist: From writing and development through to the recording and release of their albums. We are able to use our in-house musicians to support solo artists and assist in the development of sounds and songs for recording.

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